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useful travel accessories

Useful Travel Accessories

There are a large number of accessories designed for the traveler on the market, below I have listed the accessories I would always recommend and why I recommend them. as usual the choice you make is always yours

power adapter

This may seem like an obvious one to begin with however it is surprising how many people forget these until the last minute, the first thing to mention about these is that few if any are earthed, this means that any current passing through needs to be low to avoid tripping circuits, it is worth doing some basic research into the country you`re traveling to to find out the type of power outlet used, the most common being, European 2 pin, American 2 pin, Australian 2 pin and UK 3 pin.  

travel plug

There can be times when in a hostel or other places where the sinks may having missing plugs or may not have had them to begin with and stuffing paper towels into the hole can only work for so long, luckily one of these plugs will save you having to do that, but they don`t usually come with a chain so don`t forget it when you leave.

washing line

There will be times when you`re traveling that you`ll have access to washing machines or a sink for the same purpose but not necessarily a washing line to dry your clothes on and there are specific lines made for travelers which don`t use pegs, these lines are twisted bungees that grip clothes between them, it is however quite short and this must kept in mind.

first aid kit

A first aid kit should be included in anybody`s kit when they travel overseas, however something that should also be included is a sterile needle kit and if possible a sterile dental kit as well,

water purification 

Any form of water purification is better than none as one of the popular tricks used in some countries is to fill used water bottles with tap water and re-glue the lid to make it appear that the bottle is new, see the blog from last week to see further details.

Mosquito repellent 

Once again there are many alternatives to choose from in this category, these include DEET citronella, and even Avon`s Skin So Soft, DEET comes in 50% and 100% strength, DEET is chemically based and therefore if its possible should be tested on your skin for any allergic reaction, the other thing that you should be aware of with DEET is that it has a slight tendency to melt synthetic clothing, a more natural alternative is of course Avon Skin So Soft but it can obviously be difficult to get hold of.
          another item that can be used is not a repellent but can provide lot of relief if you are bitten  is a bite relief clicker, this provides a short electrical jolt to area to take away the swelling and the itching.
Travel towel

these are towels specifically designed for traveling they pack up incredibly small and dry very quickly, they do come a variety of sizes ranging from small through to giant. 


Although this piece of equipment will make you stand out while your traveling it will make the equipment in your pack safer, this is a flexible metal cage that fits over your pack and resists almost any attempt to break into it, on the downsides however it is heavy and as mentioned above does make you stand out.

2 more pieces of equipment that I would recommend although you probably wouldn`t find it on many kit lists are, a "muggers wallet" and a "muggers phone" these are what they sound like an old wallet, with the lowest denomination of paper money and a few of the local coins as well as some old credit cards inside, the phone is either one of your old handsets or the cheapest ones you can find on the market. if the worst should happen you hand over these rather than your actual wallet and phone.  

Follow the link below to go to the Lone Wolf Mobile Bushcraft website.

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