Sunday, 13 October 2013

Scotland blog (part 3)

Scotland blog (part 3)

          As I mentioned last week this will be the last of my blogs on Scotland and it is about the tent that I used, namely the Wild Country Zepheros 1, it will be a shorter blog than usual as it is a short review.
          I`ve used the Zepheros a few times now but only really overnight, the week in Scotland was the first time I had used it for consecutive nights and whilst I still praise the weight the ease of pitching and the price, there are a couple of things that have disappointed me, don`t get me wrong this is still a good tent and well worthy of purchase but there are things that you would need to be aware of.
          The first issue to be aware of is the headroom within the tent is fairly low and whilst lying down both my feet and head were touching the inner tent which became slightly irritating after a while and may have had something to do with the sleeping mat a had chosen, this wasn`t too much a problem however as at no point did I touch the outer tent so no rain came through.
          The second issue to be aware of relates directly to the first, of course after the irritations of the inner tent I did try to tighten the inner tent both with the straps and buckles designed for the job and by using the pegs on the outside to this as well but unfortunately no matter how much I tried I was still touching the inner tent whilst lying down, I`m sure there`s a way to rectify this and will attempt to do so in the future.
          The third issue is less of an irritation and more of an inconvenience, the zips of the inner tent are a semi circle meaning that to reach out and take hold of something or putting something back from the porch area such as a "waste water bottle" means opening up almost half the tent and letting in cold air, not so much of a problem given the volume of air needed to heat up afterwards but damn inconvenient none the less. this is in comparison to the Hilleberg which has a zip that runs along the level of the ground sheet and doesn`t let any cold air in.
          On the plus side however the issues I flagged up in the blog after I purchased the tent have not happened, althougth the groundsheet is flat it hasn`t so far let any water in, the buckles have not broken and the inner tent is long enough for me.
          I still stand by my purchase of this tent and would still recommend it to anyone if they didn`t have the money for the Hilleberg as long as you are aware of the slight issues with it, I am going to keep mine and I will find a way to keep the inner tent from touching me during the night.

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