Sunday, 24 November 2013

Trangia Triangle part two

Trangia Triangle part two

          As I mentioned in my last blog I`d sent the supporting ring away to be measured for an idea that I had in mind and the result is shown in the pictures below along with some other pictures to show how the supporting ring should be used used with the rest of the triangle, the project I had in mind was to turn the Trangia Triangle from a meths burning stove to a multi fuel stove capable of burning wood and hexi blocks, another idea I had in mind with this system is how it could be used with a penny stove. The disc is a direct replacement for the supporting ring and fits in the same slots designed for the supporting ring, the steel that the disc is manufactured from is heavy and weighs more than the rest of the triangle but it needs to be like this to withstand the potential heat generated, so why not just have a small fire on the ground contained within the triangle? with the fire off the ground air can be drawn in to the fire better helping wood burn hotter and more completely.
original Trangia Triangle burner ring

burner in place

fire plate in place



The only issue that I`ve discovered with using the triangle in this way is that you have to take the pot off to feed in wood but this is really only a minor inconvenience.


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  1. I just ordered my own Trangia Triangle and was looking for ways to extend it's usefulness, including burning wood. I might build on your concept using a slightly larger diameter disk and a custom "bridge" piece inserted into one of the corners to provide a 1" to 1.5" feeder gap to feed wood into the unit. It sounds plausible, my only concern is if it will open up the pot holders too much to hold most pots. Thanks for the inspiration!